Welcome to CatacombSnatch.net!

Catacomb Snatch is a 2D top-down shooter/RTS originally created by Mojang for the Humble Bundle charity event and was released open-source into the wild. This site represents the open-source Maescool repository modification of this game.

On the right you can download the latest versions of the game for all platforms. The development versions may contain bugs, but also can contain a lot of new features. Use at your own risk!

Download for Windows

Build #304 10/06/19 02:10:35

Older downloads

Build #297 Build #296 Build #294
  • Mouse functionality

    Use your mouse to aim and fire into the direction you are pointing at.

  • Enhanced tower functions

    Towers now have a health bar and can be leveled up three times (level 3 shown). By leveling them up, their health will be also increased!

  • Level selection

    Tons of new levels have been added to the game for a more enjoyable expirience. You can also add your own maps into the game. It even supports multi-player level sending for even more fun!